Rage Ancestral Honor Earring

Season 15 Part 2 brings new accessories to Mu Online Earings

Rage Earings, Ancestral Earrings, Honor Earrings

All characters can use these Earrings

The Rage Earring (L)is matched in its assigned slot on the right side (viewed from the player) and level 300 is required to use it The Rage Earring (R)is matched in its slot assigned in the left part (visualized from the player) and it is necessary to level 700 to use it.

 Having equipped the 2 Earring at the same time will unlock additional options described in the Earring.

This item can be obtained through the NPC “Moss “Accessories Box” option In exchange for Jewel of Bless in the “Accessories Box” you can get the Earring with a certain probability.

Rage Earrings

Ancestral Earrings

Honor earrings


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