Best Games Like Minecraft

Who doesn’t know Minecraft? It is an epic crafting and survival sandbox game that had a massive influence on the gaming world. Though since the game was released in 2009, you could say that today Minecraft has formed into something more than just a game. It is a culture – more than two hundred copies of Minecraft have been sold as of May 2020 and Minecraft creators Mojang studio say that “126 million people are now playing Minecraft every month.” The game even sort of has its own language with words like ‘creeper’ and ‘mooshroom’ and many others that have their own meaning in the game.

Minecraft is also the most played game on YouTube and has inspired the creation of games like Rust, Fortnite and Terraria. The game has been here for so long and it grows even larger thanks to its mod support. The players can alter the base game to include new gameplay mechanics, features, assets, items that have led to an abundance of community-generated content. That keeps Minecraft always interesting and popular. The possibilities are endless.

Though Minecraft is a unique game and truly one of the top games in its genre, there are still many other games that give players a similar experience. So here is the list of Best Games Like Minecraft.


Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Forager is n open-world 2D crafting and survival game. Players start to gather resources and build the first small base from scratch and as your skill progresses players can build a really impressive base. When you go explore the world to find the resources you will see various biomes like Graveyards, Volcanos, Deserts etc. Each of these biomes will be waiting for you full of puzzles for you to solve, dungeons to raid and hidden secrets to reveal.

Similar to Minecraft, Forager is an open-ended game that allows you the freedom on setting your own goals that you want to achieve in this game. Become a builder, shop owner, get into farming or combine.


Platform: PlayStation 4, PC

Trove is another great free-to-play MMORPG. Players pick the class that is most suitable to them and go on an adventure across an endless number of various diverse worlds. The visual style is very similar to Minecraft but the main features are quite different. Trove has deeper combat and progression systems that are both connected to getting loot that Trove is repeatedly rewarding players with.

The game allows you to craft anything that you can think of from unique motorcycles to dragon wings and giant cats. You can make a Cornerstone – a personal home for you that you will build on your own, block by block. In it, you can store all your valuable gear and weapons and anything else that you find while exploring.


Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

This is another crafting game that has an unusual setting for this genre. Astroneer is a space exploration-survival game in which the main goal is to colonize an alien planet, look for resources and then use them to craft man different tools and vehicles. The game has no specific story for players to follow or scripted events that happen. This gives you the freedom to create your own adventure in this world.

The game has very colorful and bright visuals that go so good with low-poly graphics. You will especially notice this while using your landscaping tool to terraform environments. The game is still alive it gets new exciting updates from time to time. 

Stardew Valley

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC

StardewValley is a farming sim in which the players will enjoy some relaxing and fun experience similar to Minecraft.

Your task in this game is to expand your grandfathers plot of land growing crops, crafting items, gathering resources, exploring mines and completing some tasks for some diverse NPCs. But the game similar to Minecraft will allow you to focus on things that you like doing like exploring mines, looking through your neighbour’s trash or just simply fishing. 

What is interesting is that you can see into the lives of the citizens of your town in over the in-game years. They have their unique personalities and can even be charmed into marrying you.

Desert Skies

Platform: PC

Desert Skies is a first-person survival game that will require skills to build airships and survive in the air flying over Wild West. 

While flying through the sky you will spot some deserted buildings in which you will find some valuable materials and loot that you can use to expand your ship, but dangerous creatures can be found in these houses too. What makes this game unique is your way of travelling around the endless world – hot air balloons.

Desert Skies is similar to Minecraft because of its vast environments.


Platform: PC

Unturned is an exciting free-to-play survival game that visually will remind you of Minecraft. Though here your survival is the ultimate goal which can be quite hard at times. Here you will form alliances and work with your friends to have a chance at survival in this world that has been infested by the zombies. Resources are limited and that keeps you on your toes.

 The game uses day/night cycle and that makes things interesting. during the day is the perfect time to get some work done because everything is beautiful and peaceful. But once the night comes you have to be alert for zombies showing up everywhere. The visibility on the streets is not so good and that makes you vulnerable not only for zombies but also for other players who might not be so friendly.

Portal Knights

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS

Portal Knights is a 3D sandbox action RPG that will have you cooperating with other players, building anything the mind can imagine, crafting weapons and conquering enemies that all lead to levelling up your character. You can play the game either in third or first-person and choose your character from one of the three classes – Warrior, Ranger and Mage.

In Portal Knights, the freedom to choose to do what you want in the game is very similar to the freedom that players enjoy on Minecraft. If your passion is combat you can put your time and energy into that and craft weapons, armour and seek for battles. If you prefer to create you can choose to expand your homeworld, build structures. Or maybe you are the adventurous type and will go explore the universe of Portal Knights.

My Time at Portia

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

My Time at Portia is a game that combines RPG and crafting and is set in a post-apocalyptic era in the world of Portia. There are just a few humans who have survived and you are one of them. Now you have to help rebuild the civilization. You are a farmer who loves adventures and for the most of the game, you will spend your time crafting new tools, managing your farm and looking for valuable resources and ancient relics by exploring caves.

In My Time at Portia you don’t have to follow a specific pattern, there is no specific linear story to follow. You go at your own pace, do what interests you these are some of the things that Minecraft players appreciate.

Dragon Quest Builders

Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3

This game is a combination of Dragon Quest series and block-breaking sandbox action of Minecraft. Dragon Quest Builders is a block-building sandbox RPG that is set in a fantasy world that is now threatened by an evil cult. There are many things to do in Dragon Quest Builders and that includes building and harvesting, battling, exploring and teaming up with up to 4 players.

In Dragon Quest Builders your character is a legendary builder and you are the only one left of your kind in Alefgard and you are the only one who can craft items after the world was plunged into chaos. You go through various chapters in this game and they help the game moving at a good pace and they let you build your skills in cultivation, crafting, combat and exploring. Every chapter gives you different conditions that you have to meet – build a civilization, attract NPCs to come to live in your town, take care of your villagers and protect them from outside threats and so on.


Platform: Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS

Terraria is so similar to Minecraft that when it was first released in 2011 all anyone could say was that it is a 2D version of Minecraft. But it has been a long time since the game was released and though it still has quite a few similarities to Minecraft, Terraria has evolved into something totally different. 

Terraria is more focused on combat and has more enemy and weapon diversity than Minecraft. And if you crave for some mystery in these kinds of games – Terraria has you covered because it contains many hidden secrets that players can unfold after more than a hundred hours of playing. In this game, you also have to be more independent because it has been designed for experienced survival gamers.


Platform: PC

Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game that has been released just last year in 2019. Events of this game are taking place in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. In Volvanoids you will be exploring a volcanic island and you will be crafting advanced machinery like ‘Drillship’ – a unique base that will serve you both as a mobile base and as a factory. As you could probably guess from the game title, you can expect quite a few volcanic eruptions. When that happens you have to be ready to defend yourself. Though the volcano is not the only thing that you are fighting against. You will have to fight with violent robots for very valuable resources. 


Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Subnautica is a first-person survival game that has a bit different setting than most games. Its main focus is on underwater exploration because you are aboard a spaceship that crash-lands on an alien planet that is covered almost entirely by oceans. And now your character is struggling to survive on this planet because finding things like drinkable water, food and oxygen will not be easy.

While you will be searching for vital resources for your survival you will also find some materials that can be very valuable to use on upgrading your tools, craft submersibles and expand your base. In this game, you can choose to explore the depth of the ocean or to build the biggest base. There is also an intriguing story detail – you can go and explore the crash site and find out how did you end up on this ocean planet.