Best Space Games 2020

Space games have always been very popular among gamers. These games give a chance to see and explore the worlds that lay far away from earth and get to experience places that we would otherwise never get to visit for real. So here are our top picks for Best Space Games 2020.

Dead Space

Platform: PC

Though released more than 10 years ago, Dead Space is considered one of the best space games ever made. In this third-person shooter survival game, your name is Isaac Clarke and you are an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura. Though you are no warrior or a soldier you are the last one standing to try and save the remaining living crew on this spaceship. What you are fighting against are undescribable monsters that have overrun your spaceship and have killed most of your crew and turned them into zombies. 


Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

Prey is a first-person shooter set in an alternate reality where the year is 2032 and President John F. Kennedy was never assassinated and that resulted in more funding for the space program and that led to more technological advancements in the space exploration. Your character is a human named Morgan Yu and you are aboard space station Talos 1. You are the key subject of an experiment that is meant to alter humanity forever, but that just sounds too easy. Your space station becomes overrun by very hostile aliens that can shapeshift and that are called Typhon. And they are now hunting you.

Surviving Mars

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

In Surviving Mars you get the chance to build the first human colonies on Mars. You have to have just a few things – oxygen, experience with sandstorms, can-do attitude and decades of training. Besides building factories, commercial buildings and evolving society there is also a ‘Mystery’ mode that has interesting game-altering variables that will definitely keep you glued to the screen. You can suddenly have an enemy who wants to eliminate all your hard work, your society or discover microbial life on Mars etc.

If you like space, strategy games and managing a city then Surviving Mars is definitely for you.


Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, PC

Warframe may be one of the most popular space games out there. And there is a good reason why gamers love this game. First of all – the game is free-to-play, second of all – you as a player become a real badass space ninja in this game and third – Warframe is being constantly updated, improved and expanded by its developer Digital Extremes.

This third-person shooter is action-packed, full of places for you to discover, full of enemies to defeat and an interesting story to follow.

Alien: Isolation

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, PC

Alien Isolation is a real treat for those players who love space=themed games as much as horror games because this here is an amazing mix of both.

This game will most definitely give you chills and make your heart pound faster, even its official description says – ‘discover the true meaning of fear’. Being trapped in space with no oxygen or being locked up in a lab with horrifying aliens and androids who want to kill you are just a few of the situations that you will find yourself in this game. And if you are wondering do you have to watch the movies to play this game just know that you don’t. Alien: Isolation will be just as thrilling. 


Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

Tacoma is a sci-fi narrative space-themed puzzle game that is set abroad a high-tech space station in the year 2088and it has quite an immersive story.

You as a player are contacted by a shady corporation to retrieve some sensitive AI data from a high-tech space station that has been abandoned, it’s the crew has mysteriously disappeared. You will explore every detail of the ship and how the station’s crew lived, worked and bit by bit you will start to put together the puzzle and reveal an amazingly gripping story that this space station hides.


Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

This game is for the players who love a good story that is player-driven. Astroneer is a space survival game that is set in 25th-century Intergalactic Age of Discovery.

The idea behind the game is quite simple, you are an astronaut and you have crashed on an alien planet and now has to start scavenging for supplies to be able to stay alive and establish a base of operations.

One of the cool features of this game is the Terrain Tool. This tool allows the player to physically alter the ground and form valleys and hills. And it’s way more fun in space than it would be if the game would be set on earth. think about all the opportunities to express your creativity. Also, the game is constantly expanding, there are updates being added – vehicles, craftable items, planets, hazards etc.

Destiny 2

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation

Destiny 2 is the game for you if you are not so much interested in exploring the space as you are in fighting in space. Because Destiny 2 is an outstanding first-person space shooter. 

This game is for the ones who seek the thrill of remarkable combat across all skill levels. Because the story is quite boring and the three classes that the game has, feel more like one class with three different titles. But Bungie is truly a great developer and the weapons are just something else. They feature subtle distinctions that regard handling, weight and recoil. This will make you travel to other planets – blow some stuff up – get loot and do it again and again.

No Man’s Sky

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

If this would be the year 2016, when No Man’s Sky was just released, this game would probably not be in this list of best space games. Though the game has come a long way since 2016 and the developer Hello Games has really been working hard on fixing the issues and adding a huge list of features. Those features include multiplayer, base-building, upgraded and redesigned game engine, that lets No Man’s Sky run smoothly on any PC, wide selection of missions added etc. And now the game has earned its spot in Best Space Games list.


Platform: PlayStation4, PC

Observation is a great sci-fi thriller game that has an immersive story that takes place in an abandoned space station that has only one survivor – Dr.Emma Fisher. She finds herself on this space station unable to remember how did she got there or what happened to her crew that have just mysteriously disappeared. Emma with the help of AI named S.A.M. tries to make sense of what happened. 

You as a player will be seeing the game world through S.A.M.’s ‘eyes’. You as an AI have access to the space station’s cameras, logs and operating systems. Using this access S.A.M. can put together the pieces of this mysterious puzzle and find out why the crew has gone missing. 

Outer Wilds

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

Outer Wilds is a first-person space exploration game that has an amazing storyline to follow. There is an active space program that is looking to expand its knowledge of the galaxy and find out why their ancestors disappeared that is titled Outer Wilds Ventures. You will be playing as the newest recruit of this space program and help to uncover the truth.

Not only you will be in space, but you will also get to experience another sci-fi trope – time travel. Your character will be trapped in a perpetual 22-minute time loop. The game world is just stunning open-world that has very detailed explorable planets, each unique and interesting and different hazards.

Outer Wilds will be a game for players who love sci-fi and a good mystery story to unravel.

The Outer Worlds

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC

Though the title The Outer Worlds is very similar to Outer Wilds and often these to titles get mixed up, these two games have very little in common besides the similar titles, both are first-person games and the fact that they are both space-themed games.

The Outer Worlds also give the players a chance to explore, but mostly it focuses on action and classic RPG gameplay with dialogue options and skillsets etc.

In this game, your character is The Stranger. You are responsible for resolving the fate of the Halcyon Space Colony and the starving citizens in it. You will get to travel to various planets in the Halcyon system and meet with unique characters that all have their own amazing stories and a few quests to share with you.

Kerbal Space Program

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight sim in which you will find yourself in the captain’s seat of various aircraft, rovers and rockets and not only piloting but building spaceships will be in your to-do list. And while piloting your helpers will be Kerbals . You are in charge of the space program for the green alien race known as Kerbals. 

Kerbal Space Program is very realistic in terms of physical calculations in the game because the engine is highly capable of replacing real-life orbital manoeuvres that are usually performed by NASA pilots. Thought the game is also quite fun and comic at times because of the fun that Kerbals bring. In this game, there is no linear structure to follow, you go at your own pace and on your own adventures.

Objects in Space

Platform: PC

Objects in Space is a bit different than other games, it is a retro-inspired point-and-click adventure game that takes place in space. 

In this game, you are a space ship captain and your main goal is to keep the ship in good shape, maintain it and try to avoid run-ins with space pirates. You are navigating your space ship in Apollo star system that is an enormous open-world that is far far away from Earth, light-years away.

The interesting story is that the government that controls the Apollo system is corrupt and they will try to force you into submission using some skimpy laws that you will most likely choose not to obey.

Oxygen Not Included

Platform: PC

Oxygen Not Included is a unique space colony survival game with fun hand-drawn visuals. In this game, you will build and evolve your colony in underground caves on an alien planet on which it is extremely hard to get and seeking refuge.

You manage a colony so your everyday tasks will include assigning tasks and roles your crew members will have, make sure that everything runs smoothly, research new technologies and gather resources. Making decisions can be really hard in this game because one small mistake can lead to huge damage to your colony, destroying a big part of your existing colony.

Space Engineers

Platform: PC

Space Engineers has the perfect title for the game to symbolize what you can actually do int he game. Space Engineers is a massive sandbox in which you can explore the planets, moons, asteroid belts. Though it’s not like you can just fly up to them, you will have to put in some work, gather resources to be able to travel to space and survive there. You will craft space ships and vehicles so that you could travel on the planet and establish many space stations for other players to visit.

You will find what you like in this game because there are two modes – Survival mode and Creative mode. For those who seek a challenge, Survival mode will be the one you choose. And for those who love to build things – Creative mode.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

In Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, you will play side by side with up to three other players and manage a spaceship and fight your enemies. 

Throughout the space ship, there are many stations each is dedicated to complete a specific task like activating shields, piloting, cannons, firing etc. There can be up to 4 players in the game and each one of them can operate only one station at a time. So you and your teammates have to coordinate who will be operating which stations. This gives the game a bit of extra spice and fun.

Other than that the game is pretty upbeat and fun and it has colorful 2D visuals.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Platform: PC

FTL: Faster Than Light is a ‘space simulation roguelike-like’ game that allows you to go on adventures through a randomly generated galaxy with your crew.

Your character controls a crew of a Galactic Federation spacecraft that caries highly sensitive intel that might be very valuable to win a long-standing conflict with a group of rebels but you are in trouble because the enemy is targeting your ship. Now you have a real challenge to reach your homeworld safely. It might be quite difficult because you have to manage a whole crew and ships various systems, repair damage and fire back at the enemies.

Heat Signature

Platform: PC

Heat Signature is a 2D action puzzle game that randomly generates your character and tasks you with freeing various space nations across the galaxy. 

In this game, you basically plan and execute heists to free space nations but it is not as simple as it seems because often you are underpowered and unnumbered and have to think of best strategies and how to get out of tough situations. It might be underwhelming but no worries there is a feature in the game that allows you to slow the game down so you have time to think thighs through. The game has some cool features like swapping places with your enemies and hack turrets.

Deep Rock Galactic

Platform: Xbox One, PC

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1 to 4 player co-op FPS that features Dwarves, procedurally-generated caves, destructible environments and endless hoarders of alien monsters.

This game is often described as a mix of Minecraft and Warhammer 40K. In this game, you are controlling a dwarf and so are your teammates. The game has four character classes each with special weapons and tools, so every player will find something for their style.

Though you may not have heard of this game before because it is not very popular, it still has a solid player and fan base. So if you don’t have buddies who like space games you will definitely still find some friends in this game. Deep Rock Galactic is created by Ghost Ship Games and they are constantly adding updates to the game like timed events, enemy types and new maps.