20 Best Survival Games To Play in 2019

The greatest survival games out there can have you sitting to your computers for hours and hours or maybe even till dawn without you even noticing how much time has passed, that is exactly how enjoyable and unique this gaming experience can be.

Whether you’re an individual who has to survive in brutal conditions, trying to outrun a horde of zombies or flesh-eating dinosaurs, or simply building a shelter just so you won’t freeze to death.

Survival games often can be quite complicated and challenging, but that only means that it is remarkably unique and interesting because your character will always have to struggle and solve different problems crucial for your survival.

Most people associate survival games only with horror, dinosaurs, zombies etc. but that’s not totally true. If you are not a fan of horror there are many different categories of survival games for example: nature, horror, fantasy, player versus player (PvP) or even a combination of various categories. So, you definitely can find the ideal survival game that will match your interests.

The Survival Genre is so exceptional in the sense that most of the games are either in Early Access today or were at some point, so they’re being developed and evolve over time.

I created this list of the best survival games to play in 2019 so you can find a survival game for your taste so you could start to stroll around a marvelous deserted island, hunt for survival or if you’re into it – hunt other players.

Have fun finding your amazing survival game!


Platform: PC

Mode: multiplayer

Deadside release date: 2019

Deadside is a PC survival video game. Deadside release date – third quarter of 2019.

Your character in this game is thrown into a post-apocalyptic world and has to survive on it’s own. This is a very realistic feel game, it does not have fantastic elements like zombies for example, but that doen not mean that you can just wonder around this 225 sq.km unharmed. The area is full of abandoned settlements and bushy forests and you can accidentally stumble upon a cannibalistic tribe or not so friendly other players or survivors of this dead society.

If you love guns you are in for a treat in this game. There are about 15 types of firearms that you can aquire in this video game. When shooting an animal for food or other players to protect yourself, the amount of actual damage will depend on the body part hit and the kinetic energy of the bullet at the moment of hit. This feature also gives a more real experience.

You have a map of the area and can see the places that you should avoid and if you are bored you can go on a mission.

This is a raw, hardcore survival game where skillful shooting and good observing skills will be at highest priority.



World War Z

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Mode: single player, multiplayer

World War Z release date : April 16, 2019

World War Z is a hardcore zombie-killing, third-person shooter, four-player cooperative survival video game.

The world as you know it today does not exist anymore. The humanity is on a verge of extinction. From New York to Jerusalem to Moscow and Tokyo… and the zombie apocalypse just continues to spread.

Strategy, customized powerful weapons, setting traps, barricades, turrets to survive the attack of hundreds of zombies at once. There are 12 characters from which you can choose. In your hands you have 33 weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns, sentries, turrets, grenade launchers, barbed wire and more.

What is interesting is that as you advance more and more in this game you can level up six unique classes: Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer and Exterminator. Each of these classes have their own unique perks and a different play style.

World War Z provides you with heart-pounding, thrilling experience of cheating death and standing against hundreds of swarming zombies!


Death Stranding

Platform: PlayStation 4

Modes: single player, multiplayer

Death Stranding release date: around 2021

Death Stranding is an action survival game set in an open world environment. The video game also includes a multiplayer function.

So far, the creators of this game are very cryptic about the nature of this game and reveal very little but just enough to get you excited and very intrigued.

Although we don’t know much about this game, this is what we know: Your character is called Sam Bridges – Norman Reedus, The Walking dead tv series and also The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct star. The game also stars Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner. All throughout the game you get a chance to follow a mysterious storyline that keeps you on your toes. And what we can guess from the trailer is that the game will have some mystical creatures and features such as “Timefall” a type of rain that has the ability to age or deteriorate whatever it hits. Intriguing.

Death Stranding may not be released in 2019, but it sure is worth a wait and worth the effort in following its development.


Pandemic Express

Platform: PC

Modes: multiplayer

Pandemic Express release date: May 2. 2019

Pandemic Express is located in a posts-soviet ghost town, the world is overrun by zombies and you are one of the survivors. Or are you? In each match there are up to thirty players and one of the players gets randomly infected and your goal here is to infect all the other players. You get infected you join the zombies and try to hunt down every last one human. And for those players who are still human players, last hope of survival is to try escaping on a train through an onslaught of what seems like endless zombie hordes. The human players get the location of the train and have to try to get to it as soon as possible and try to not get infected. While you are on your way you can find all kinds of weapons that will help you to fight of the zombies.

And as for the infected don’t worry you’ll have plenty of fun too. Although you don’t get to play with guns you have plenty of cool abilities and what’s fun is that the more times you get killed the bigger the chance that you will get ultra-abilities.

This hide and seek gameplay style is very unique and definitely very interesting.


Metro Exodus

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Modes: single player

Metro Exodus was released not that long ago in February 22, 2019.

The year is 2036. You are in the tunnels of Metro beneath the ruins of Moscow. Your main goal is to lead a group of survivors across post-apocalyptic Russia and search for a safe new place that you could call home. The transportation you will be using a heavily modified steam locomotive called Aurora. While being on this journey you will make stops to acquire weapons and supplies so you can protect yourself against mutant beasts and all sorts of paranormal horrors that will threaten your existence.

Your journey will lead you through an entire year through winter, spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter. And you will have your crew your comrades and you control their faith and not all of them will survive the journey, your choices dictate the direction of your storyline.

In Metro Exodus you get to follow an epic story-line that you are responsible for.


Dying Light 2

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Modes: single player, multiplayer

Dying Light 2 release date: 2019

Dying Light 2 is an amazing horror survival video game.  Yes, there are a lot of zombies in this game and you will have to kill them in order to survive. But this game is so much more than just killing zombies. You live in a decaying city with other people who have formed their own society and they even have their peace keepers. You are in charge of your own story here. During this game you will have to make hundreds of important choices that will shape your life in the Dying Light 2.

 One of the first most important decisions you’ll have to make will be about the water supply for people. In these desperate times the water is the highest currency. The water is being controlled by two of the survivors and you can choose to cooperate with them and sell water of you can kill them and make water available for the whole city. This choice dramatically changes the storyline.

There are many social and political problems to solve by day, but at night the scenery becomes way more horrifying.

Dying Light 2 is not just plain shooting zombies it is a very strategic game that sucks you in its reality.


Last Year: The Nightmare

Platform: PC

Modes: Multiplayer

Last Year: The Nightmare is a unique horror survival multiplayer game. Each match there are 6 players.

In a boring little town called Forest Hills where nothing ever happens, five teenagers wake up to realize they are trapped in dark in a creepy twisted version of Forest Hills. As they go through East Side High School campus, they realize that they are being hunted by some kind of supernatural force, fearsome killers. That’s the sixth player whose goal is to kill the other players. The five teens have to work together to fight, survive and escape this horrifying reality called The Nightmare.

This is a deep tem-based strategy game where players have to collest various items, weapons so they can survive. The five players get to choose their character and a class. As for the rival it also has options. He has to choose from three killers, each with a unique gameplay style, a signature weapon and tactic.

Tired of always being the one who is being atacked and is struggling to survive? Choose to be a deadly killer and dont let these teenagers to ever leave The Nightmare while alive.

It gets your blood flowing to feel the thrill of outsmart the bad guys and suceed in escaping them? Choose to be one of the teenagers.

Someday You’ll Return

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Modes: single player

Someday You’ll Return release date: 2019

Someday You’ll Return is a story-driven psychological horror game.

Your character in this game is Daniel a father of a girl named Stela. Stela has run away many times before, but this time feels diferent. Daniel begins his search for his daugter and on the way meets specific people who little by little help Daniel understand why he’s daughter keeps running away.

Now he is forced to go to a place where he swore he would never return. Deep in a Moravian forest lies a secret that hast jet been descovered and should never be brought to daylight. As you search for your daugter and begin to develop skill, the malevolent forces rise up against you, there are tereffying nightmares that you have to face but never can win and some of them are yours.

Someday You’ll Return plays with your mind and digs deep into  concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept the past. This game goes deeper than just horrifying monsters it brings up real psychologiccal fear, the wors fear of them all.

If you love horror, Someday You’ll Return is the game for you!



Platform: PC

Modes: Single player

Unholy relese date: 2019

Enteri this game and you will unleash the hellish horror that hides in it. In this video game your character is called Saidah. A mother in search of her abducted child.

Unholy takes place in a Lost City on a dying planet where the last members of the human race live and also maniacs and mysterious beasts, oh and there is a mysterious plague going around.

The game is based on completing series of challenges, find your place in this unique society and at the end saving your child and find out if the escape from this hell hole is even possible. Each challenge can be completed in a few different ways. You can choose to try sneak around unnoticed or you can choose to engage in a bloody fight or you can just impersonate different members of the society. What’s interesting is that the way you complete a challenge affects the storyline of your game.

Unholy is a unique and dark place, it takes courage to be in it, to smile death in the face.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Mode: single player

If you like horror themed games this one will definitely have your heart racing. Discussing, horrifying creatures, hardcore high-pressure situations, violent fights, this game has it all.

Your character is named Ethan Winters whose mission is to find his wife in an abandoned plantation that is occupied by a cannibal family. The character has to solve series of puzzles and fight for his life.

So, the plot is that Ethan, a civilian with just a few combat skills goes to the Baker house in search for his wife and has managed to arm himself with handguns, flamethrowers, explosives, shotguns and chainsaws to use against the Baker family and a truly gorse humanoid form of fungus that’s named “Molded”. And what’s even more terrifying is that you can’t permanently kill a member of baker family, you can only temporarily knock him out.

This is not a game for the weak. Resident Evil 7:Biohazard is a definition of a hardcore horror survival game.



Platform: PC

Mode: multiplayer

This is a very fresh survival game released in Early Access in August 2018 and is scheduled for a full relies in 2019 summer.

In this multiplayer survival game, you will be a prisoner thrown in a deserted island with up to hundred other players/prisoners. Your main goal is to remove the implant which prevents you from leaving the island and then try to get the hell off this vicious island.

The main skills you will need when playing this game are tracking, hunting, crafting and poison. What is interesting in this game is that you will se your characters vitals and in order to succeed in this game you have to feed and exercise properly, it really feels like real life experience when trying to survive in this Scum island.

Also, in this game you will come across difficulties while dealing with other players who may want to kill you in order to get points/your merch, zombies and mechanic robots.

You will love this game if you are a fan of horror category, if you are not afraid off some pretty bloody and brutal views and if you are ready to develop your survival skills like crafting, hunting, looting etc.


The Forest

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4

Mode: single player, multiplayer

This also is a bit fresh game, released in early access beta phase in April 2018. It has already sold over five million copies, this is one of those times where numbers speak lower than words, any words I can use to describe the very unique nature of this game.

Horror category lovers settle in for a joyride.

Your character starts this game as innocent and happy as in every horror movie beginning when all the family is happy and all smiles. But surprise, surprise then something goes horribly wrong. The character Eric Leblanc and his son are flying on a plane, drinking warm coco when suddenly the plane crashes on a heavily forested and remote island. The island happens to be a home for a clan of genetic mutant cannibals that have beliefs, families and morals that appear almost human. After the plane crashes Eric is forced to watch as his so Timmy is being kidnaped by a man in red war paint.

And well you know the rest – the character has to survive in this island and fight the dangers that hide in it while trying find and save his son.

What is so unique in this game is that there are no quests or missions, this lets you make your own story, decisions for survival. While playing this game the skills of hunting, collecting supplies by day, defending yourself against mutants at night and building a shelter will be very important.

Also, what’s fun is that you can play this game solo or you can choose to crash in this horror island with up to 8 more friends.

And there is a mystical twist – in the end the game forces you to stop and think are the cannibalistic tribe the enemy, or are you? The horror, the mystic, the unpredictability, the tension and fear …this game is the whole package.


Green Hell

Platform: PC

Mode: single player

This game is quite fresh, it launched in August 2018 in Early Access Alpha version.

Your character finds himself in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest and the only thing you have are the clothes you are wearing and as if it would not be enough challenging and scary, you also have a radio through which you can hear your loved ones cries for help. This no ordinary forest, danger hides on every step and to survive you must have some serious hunting, fishing, building and great overall physical capabilities.

You have to be ready for danger and someone/something trying to kill you at all times, oh, and make sure to check your arms and legs for rashes, leaches, lashes and worms. This won’t be a game you can play 24/7, because your character needs to sleep and rest like a real life human.

Although this game provides you challenges like Raft Challenge, Radio Challenge etc. but try to suman your courage and go exploring since there you could find some wonderful places and you might even find some high technology methods of surviving, or you know you could stumble upon a not so friendly tribal village.

This is the dessert of the survival games for deep forest lovers who enjoy using raw man-in-wild survival skills, if this all sounds appealing to you, you just may have what it takes to survive the Green Hell!



Platform: PC

Mode: multiplayer

Rust Early Access launched way back in December 2013, the full version was released in February 2018.

At it’s core Rust pits players against each other in a rugged open world with a primary goal – survive.

This is a multiplayer-only survival game. But that does not mean that you already have to have friends who want to play this game, you can find friends within the game. But keep in mind that building a strong clan is the very core of succeeding in this game.

Rust slogan is “Survive, cooperate & Raid. Everything wants you to die. You need to find food, shelter and weapons.” And that about says everything you need to know about this game.

When entering this game, you are completely naked and have just a rock and a torch, your primary goals here are to find supplies, save up enough strength to build your first base and make some friends. Then when you have some more experience and weapons you can go and contest an airdrop (supply box) with other players, have some primitive battles.

Once you have a stronger clan you can go on planed, strategical raids of other player clan bases and you can build a strong base together with your clan and prepare for a really brutal war-like battles to protect your base.

In between all the battles and fights don’t forget to keep your vitals on point and check for radiation.

This is a real treat for team players who love detailed strategic mind games and also don’t mind brutal fights and shootings.


State of Decay 2

Platform: PC, Xbox One

Mode: single player, multiplayer

State of Decay 2 gives you a taste of what it would be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world that is full of zombies who can’t wait to sink their teeth into your warm flesh.

The base of this game is just to survive. When entering this game, you will have to start building your base, go around this world in search for supplies so you could build a larger and safer base and in time add people to your base.

If you feel lonely or maybe can’t find the supplies you need you can use a radio and try to connect with other players in this game. What is interesting is that you can invite your friends to your base, or invite them to kill some zombies with you, but they can’t make any impact on your base, they can collect the items that they find while playing in a game that’s hosted by you.

You’ll love this game if you find it thrilling to smash zombie heads!


Hunt – Showdown

Platform: PC, Xbox One

Mode: multiplayer

This is another game in Early Access released in February 2018.

This is not your ordinary zombie/monster killing survival game, in Hunt-Showdown you are a bounty hunter, you will kill monsters in exchange for gold and you will compete against other players.

“Monstrous creatures lurk in the shadows. Insidious. Powerful. Hungry. Waiting.” This is a very dark and brutal survival game where everything is created to stand against you and the stakes are high but so are the rewards. You can choose to cooperate with other bounty hunters, track the horrifying creatures, plan the attack and kill the dark creatures. But keep in mind that at the end of the day – this is not a team game and you stand alone in this world.

The stakes are very high – one mistake and you can lose your whole bounty, all your gear and most importantly – your life.

Hunt – Showdown is a game for dark and skillful bounty hunters who can strive in the dark wild west where the sun has set and will never rise.


Conan Exiles

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Mode: single player, multiplayer

This is not just a game it is a massive world of Conan the Barbarian with different climates from freezing snow storms to devilishly hot sand storms, with 

The base of Conan Exiles is survival in a prehistoric Hyborian Age.

Your personalized character starts the game as a criminal who is sentenced to death and is left cto dry out in a desert sun while crucified. Then you are rescued by Conan. Now, you as an exile, have to navigate the rough desert and try to survive.

What is special in this game is that you can build a really personalized character by choosing gender, race, body built and even choose the characters voice and the sizes of your private parts. Also, you can choose to swear allegiance to one of four pantheon gods.

You can play Conan Exiles alone locally or fight for your life and dominance in multiplayer public servers. And this game has a very cool feature – you can create your own server and invite your friends to join.

Conan Exiles truly is way more than just a survival game, you can build anything from a small house to an entire city, declare war against your enemies and engage in a brutal combat, capture npc’s an make them your slaves, serve your god and become a god yourself.

Conan Exiles truly delivers a one of a kind gaming experience and there is no doubt that you will have fun playing it!


ARK: Survival Evolved

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android

Mode: single player, multiplayer

The ARK island is a mysterious place where ancient dinosaurs meets the future.

Your character will be thrown into this island naked, freezing and hungry. To survive on this unforgiving island, you must possess skills of hunting, harvesting resources, build shelters, research technologies, grow crops etc.

This all already sounds very interesting, but the best feature of this game is that this island has about 132 different species of animals. Animals that you can try to tame by force or passively. Just imagine you having a massive and powerful beast by your side while playing this survival game. Riding a deadly dinosaur while using your weapon to attack other players or other creatures. Amazing.

In this game you can choose the server that is most suitable for you, you can enter a multiplayer server and begin to build your tribe or choose to enter a single-player server where players cannot fight each other, but still have to fight the rough nature of ARK island.


Life is Feudal: MMO

Platform: PC

Mode: single player, multiplayer

Life is Feudal: MMO is a Life is Feudal franchise video game that was first released in 2015 – Life is Feudal: Your Own. But Life is Feudal: MMO was launched in 2018.

This massively multiplayer online role-playing game takes place in a medieval world where your main goal is to construct, craft, survive, raid and engage in combat.

What’s amazing is that you can’t let your mind run free, be creative and build a city underground or build castles that reach clouds, build a pyramid or just a little cozy house in the forest, there are no limits.

If your goal is to fight and conquer lands then the best way to thrive is to find fiends. You can easily find yourself allies and form groups, then guilds and one day maybe even earn your spot in an established medieval society.

Life is Feudal: MMO is a place where you can build your own world, let the imagination run free and find yourself the greatest friends!



Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Mode: single player

Warning, this game is not for you if you don’t love water. Just kidding. But in all in Subnautica you will be explore the ocean on an alien planet that is known as 4546B. This game is really something out of the ordinary, the world that you will find yourself in will be full or majestic views and creatures.

So, the story line is that your character is the lone survivor of a space ship Aurora. The space ship was hit by some kind of beam of energy and crashed on this ocean planet.

Subnautica takes you on a journey, because the goal of this game is not only explore the unknown in this ocean world and fight the dangers that you come across, you also follow the story of the game. Building a base on land may be one thing but try to collect resources under water and build a base, a submersible in the ocean. But don’t worry if you get sick of being in water, there are two islands that you are free to explore.

This game also has four difficulty levels: Survival, Freedom mode, Hardcore mode and Creative Mode.

And what’s cool is that this game officially supports VR headsets which means that this game can give you an even more epic experience.

This game is a true adventure!