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Pierlion – The 3rd Guardian S16 P2-2

The 3rd Guardian- PierLion 1. Introduction The 3rd Guardian ‘Pierlion’ is added. The 3rd Guardians ‘Pierlion’ and ‘Pierlion (Rare)’ will be added.   PierLion (rare) has the same stats as PierLion, but with a different color.        It can be obtained with a low probability. The 3rd Guardian is an inventory-mounted vehicle item. The 3rd Guardian…

Magic Gladiator Renewal Season 16 Part 2-2

MuOnline Season 16 Part 2-2 brings new map, pets and magic gladiator renewal/upgrades. New hunting ground Aida Elite Zone added Magic swordsman class renewal 3rd Guardian Pierce Ryan added Magic Gladiator swordsman class renewal Strength Gladiator -type magic swordsman Skill Spiral charge Spiral Charge (Buff Skill for Two-handed Sword) Acquisition Laurencia Wizard Passy / Strength:…

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