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2.5 LVL wings and creation

To create 2.5 level wings you will need 1 Wing level 2 – Any Class,1 Jewel of Chaos1 Jewel of Creation1 Item That’s Determines Wing Class WARNING: The item that will determine which class your wing level 2.5 is not your level 2 wing, but your Custom Item That’s Determines Wing Class. Wings Of Chaos…

Rage Ancestral Honor Earring

Season 15 Part 2 brings new accessories to Mu Online Earings Rage Earings, Ancestral Earrings, Honor Earrings All characters can use these Earrings The Rage Earring (L)is matched in its assigned slot on the right side (viewed from the player) and level 300 is required to use it The Rage Earring (R)is matched in its slot…

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