What is Crowfall?

Crowfall is an upcoming MMORPG game developed by ArtCraft, and is described as a “Throne War Simulator” similar to Game Of the thrones?  Kickstarter campaign ended March 26, 2015 with a total funding of $1,7 millions, surpassing its original $800,000 goal by $900k+.
As of June 20, 2016 the total funding has reached $7,210,680 which includes an amount of $2,726,322 from pledges collected from both the kick campaign and donations have taken on the Crowfall website. Currently game is in funding stage but alpha is out and developers raised already 21+ million on total funding!
The game will play similarly to many MMORPGs, with the camera at a third person view with the player permitted to move anywhere. Where it differs is in the game’s entire system, there’ll be five strategies of worlds, also known as campaigns. Each world will also be procedural generated, and will undergo a cycle of life and death, beginning with spring into summer, autumn, and ending with winter. In the conclusion of winter the campaign finishes, and the entire world is gone forever, although the players will stay, allowed to travel to other worlds. Campaigns may endure for 1, 3, or 6 months, to a year. The only worlds which don’t die are the Eternal Kingdoms, where player housing is.
Explore, Build and Conquer your way into legend! Your actions have lasting consequences that will impact Crowfall history for years to come.
EXPLORE: Every world in the Crowfall universe is unique, with a map to be explored and relics to be discovered. Even the game rules change from one world to another.
BUILD: Harvest resources and establish trade routes between worlds. Master the art of blacksmith, alchemy, rune crafting and more. Build a city, design a castle or literally move mountains to create your own Eternal Kingdom. Brave the dangers of the Campaign Worlds in search of glory, wealth and power. Build and fortify castles to protect your lands, or erect massive war machines and lay siege to your neighbors. Claim territory and conquer the world on behalf of your faction or guild – and collect artifacts, relics and resources as the spoils of war.

Crowfall Release Date

Quarter 2 of 2019. Game in now released in LIVE alpha testing environment! But true fans can get can get early access now: STORE

There is 3 starter pack versions:

Digital copy of Crowfall
  • Immediate access to the 24×7 LIVE pre-alpha testing environment as part of the Beta 3 test group
  • Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums!
  • Can be upgraded to Pioneer or Adventurer pack
  • Digital copy of Crowfall
  • Immediate access to the 24×7 LIVE pre-alpha testing environment as part of the Beta 1 test group
  • One Month of VIP
  • Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums!
  • Can be upgraded to Adventurer pack
  • Digital copy of Crowfall
  • Immediate access to the 24×7 LIVE pre-alpha testing environment as part of the Alpha 2 test group
  • Two months of VIP
  • Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums
Are you looking for a Game of Thrones mmorpg simulator game where players battling for the throne,Crowfall is right for you! Game have already hat hit over $1.7 million in sales just for alfa testing, this is probably the final nail in coffin for Bless Online!

Crowfall P2W?

A lot of players already are complaining that game will become P2W, but developers have proven this wrong with listening to players who participate in alpha testing and listening to suggestions. If you want to play the game competitive/convenient way possible you can buy VIP and buy the boxes and skip the skill training it will cot you just 15$ per month.

The game economy will be player-driven, allowing users to build their own mercantile empire. And, the game will contain unique archetypes, according to the developers.

Crowfall gameplay!

All game play in Crowfall requires one or more skills, taming and riding mounts are no different! Certain creatures will require higher amounts of skill to tame than others. Skill will also be required in order to keep control of that creature once you have tamed it. Increasing your riding skill will help you tame more wild creatures, which in turns allows you to increase your movement speed while mounted.

Currently in ALPHA Combat is still laggy, and looks delayed. I’m glad they’re getting in the new races, classes, and all these crafting systems, but I’m not going to be happy until combat is smooth and decipherable. The game will die a quick death if the combat isn’t the best part of this thing.

Crowfall classes

You can choose from from 12 races and 11 classes, as well as male or female character. For each race there is limit which class can you choose.

Human (Male and Female): Knight, Templar, Ranger, Cleric

Half elf (Male and Female): Ranger, Assasin, Driud

Nethari (Male and Female): Congfesor, Templar, Assasin

Fae (Male and Female): Assasin, Druid, Frostweaver

Wood Elf (Male and Female): Ranger, Druid,  Frostweaver

High Elf (Male and Female): Knight, Confesor, Assasin, Frostweaver

Half Giant (Male and Female): Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric

Stoneborn (Male): Knight, Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric

Elken (Male): Knight, Cenfesor, Templar, Ranger, Cleric

Minotaur (Male): Ranger, Champion, Myrmidon

Centaur (Male and Female): Knight, Champion, Cleric

Guinecon (Male) Knight, Cleric, Duelist


Confessor is one of classes / archetypes in Crowfall. He is a ranged DPS who relies on ranged magical based attacks. Most of the abilities shot magical projectile that damage enemy. The class relies on fire magic and most of the attacks burn enemies.

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Role: RDD (magic)

High Elf -Confessor: The title of Confessor is officially sanctioned for use only by the Church of the Sun, but used colloquially to include the practitioners
of the fire magic across all cultures. Cinfessirs spend their lives dedicated to the Art of Pyromancy, the memorization and
reciation of ancient worlds of power that can be called upon to ignite wood, melt stone, consume flesh or char bone.

Ranger is one of playable classes / archetypes in Crowfall. It’s a mixture of ranged and melee warrior. You can attack enemies from distance using bow or you can fight using twin swords. This class plays Specialist Role.

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Role: RDD + Melee fighter

Half Elf Ranger:  the wardens of the dying worlds the rangers are crows who live life served as hunters, trappers, spies and scouts. In death,
these wilderness defenders are often selected by the gods to act as outriders, messengers and the advance guard for the Dying Worlds.
They scout the worlds for survivors, scavenging the ruins for resources and torching anything that remains.


Knight is one of playable classes / archetypes in Crowfall. He is a warrior in heavy armor with a sword and shield in hands. His main role is to defend himself, his allies and control opponents. He is standing on the front line in every battle.

  • Role: Tank
  • Gender: Male, Female

Guinecan Knight: A hallmark of feudal society, Knighthood is typically bestowed on men and women of noble birth, binding them by oath to protect the land,
the people and the crown. A lifetime of martial study makes these noble warriors a favored choice of the gods, unfortunately, however, this code
of ethics is rarely honored in the years following death as memories fade and loyalties are tested.


Champion is one of playable classes / archetypes in Crowfall. The class is still in development and many features are subject to change. Some powers and abilities may even be moved to other archetypes.

Forgemaster is one of the major Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. He plays the role of Support in a group. He belongs to Stoneborn creatures – technically the same as Golems. They are made of stone and wood. Developers mention that the Stoneborn will be playing important role in the backstory of the game.

Stoneborn Clerics are know by many names in life: priests, prelates, bishops, pontiffs. Some follow a single god, but most are pantheistic, devoting their lives to study and devotion of
all the gods and studying the language of the All-Father to lessen the pain and suffering of others.
Most Clerics are also warriors by trade, knowing that the maelstrom of battle presents the best and most frequent opportunity to use their skills to the fullest.


Duelist is one of the major Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. The Role of this class is Specialist (Burrow). He belongs to Guinecean race.

Frostweaver is one of the main Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. The role of this archetype is Ranged DPS (Magic). If you wish to be a mage who crushes enemies with arcane power – Frostweaver class is definitely for you. If you choose it you will be able to use different types of Frost magic. The archetype belongs to Elven race, most likely to the Dark Elves.

High Elf Frostweawers are wizards who practice the magical art of Cryomancy; they harness ancient words of power to drain heat, freeze
water and to shape ica and snow. A natural counterbalance to the art of Pyromancy, Frostweavers have ascended in power and
renown since the death of Garea. For reasons unexplained when a world begins to feel the effect of the Hunger, it inevitably begins with the onset of an
unnatural winter.

Legionnaire is one of the main Archetypes / Classes in Crowfall. He is a Centaur and plays the role of melee damage dealer and Support. The role of melee support is unusual but interesting.

Stalker is one of playable classes in Crowfall MMO. This archetype plays the role of Ranged Damage dealer who hits enemies with a bow. While the ranger’s main specialization is utility, Stalker is for bursting from afar. If you look through the stats you will see that he has large amount of dexterity and strength. This is an indicator of his possible power in melee combat.

Assassin is one of playable classes in Crowfall MMO. This archetype plays the role of Specialist. Shadow killer is one of the popular roles in other online games.