How to Evolve Milcery

Every Pokémon Sword and Shield player is traveling through the Galar Region trying to become Champion and there are 81 new Pokémon to catch, train and battle. It’s not a secret that every game before 8th generation has had new ways of leveling up and the 8th generation is no different and it has found innovative ways to level up as oppose the simply leveling up. One of these 81 new Pokémon is Milcery. In this article you will learn how to evolve Milcery.

Milcery is a small cream-colored Pokémon, some would say that he resembles a splash of milk. Milcery is a Fairy-type Pokémon and it is one of the few female-only species. Because of this Milcery requires some specific actions for it to evolve into Alcremie. That’s why these specific instructions for catching and evolving Milcery will be very useful to you.

How to Catch Milcery


As you might have suspected, Milcery is not a Pokémon that you will be able to find just wondering around. Players have to try to find it in patches of grass by triggering random encounters in the areas listed here:

LocationWeather Condition
Wild Area: giant’s MirrorFog 32%
Wild Area: Bridge FieldFog 30%
Route 4Any 20%

Comment: In the Bridge Field region of the Wild Area with 35% rarity if you are lucky you might encounter Milcery in a Max Raid Battle as a common spawn at Den#34.


This step actually is not that difficult. If you have found Milcery it shouldn’t be hard to catch it. But here are some tips:

  • Try using Quick Ball on the first turn of the battle, that should give you a greater chance of catching this Pokémon without having to risk that it could faint.
  • If your Pokémon outstandingly out-levels Milcery try using Level Ball
  • If you have caught Milcery before try using Repeat Ball

While the tips listed above are true you should also note that you should be able to catch this Pokémon with a standard Pokeball too.

How to Evolve Milcery into Alcremie

Getting a Sweet Item

First step you will need to take for evolving Milcery is getting a Sweet and giving it to Milcery.

  1. You easily can get a Sweet item by battling barista in the Battle café, but remember that you can do this only once a day. You can find Battle Cafes in Galar Region – Motostoke, Wyndon and Hammerlocke towns.

Comment: Choosing the type of the Sweet will affect your Alcremies appearance.

  • If you are not in the mood to battle you can find a Strawberry Sweet in Hammerlocke. Go to Hammerlocke train station and find a staircase and go up those stairs. Then turn left and there should be Strawberry Sweet waiting for you on the ground.

Give the Sweet to Milcery

Before giving the Sweet make sure that Milcery is in your party and then search your bag for the Sweet and select “Give to a Pokémon” and select Milcery.

Comment: When you give the Sweet item to Milcery you will notice that items description says that “When a Milcery holds this, it will spin around happily”. There is only one step left to do to evolve your Milcery and this description is a hint to you.

Do a Victory Spin

After your Milcery has the sweet, go back to the overworld and start rotating your left-control stick in circles that will make your character spin. After your character spins a couple of times it will start spinning their own and then finish by striking a victory pose. And at this moment your Milcery will start to evolve into Alcermie.

Comment: As mentioned your Alcremies appearance will depend on the type of Sweet he is holding and it will also depend on which direction and for how long you spin and even on the time of the day. Here is what your Alcremie may look like.