Mu Origin 2 tips and tricks

MU ORIGIN 2 is mobile MMORPG game made by WEBZEN after Mu Origin big success. Today, MU ORIGIN 2 brings to life into stunning fantasy journey, showcasing upgraded fantasy 3D MMORPG experience and heaps of content. Currently there is ASIA based server but soon new NA server will be opened, expecting it to build in best WEBZEN traditions.
If you don’t have the game, you can download it here for Android or iOs! For ASIA server go to MUORIGIN2 SEA At the moment game is available only for the Smarpthones and tablets, and if you want to play game on PC, you can emulator like BlueStacks, to do so, go to official page to download the game!

Welcome to this beginner guide about how to become the most powerful player in MU Origin 2. Here are some tips and tricks on how best to progress further into the game, increase your character’s overall BP/CP and leveling your personality fast and easy without spending hundreds of dollars in to Pink Diamonds!

Starting the game!

Choose server you play, use recommended if you don’t have any friends on other servers already playing! Choose a character! Game is progressed by auto question, what makes game very friendly for beginners, and game style and idea can be learned quickly!

Mu origin 2 characters:

Swordsman or Dark Knight: The offensive and defensive king of melee, the perfect combination of skillful swordsmanship, strength and power, allows him to destroy all defenses of the enemy!

Mage or Dark Wizard: Second evolution: Holy Mage. The master manipulator of the words elements, under the splendid magical coat, contains the strength to destroy the earth!

Archer or Elf: A spirit archer with exceptional archery skill, master of assassination, although she has a beautiful appearance, she is a demon terminator the all daemons dread to deal with.

Divider the combination from Summoner and Dark Lord: The pioneer of spells, the commune indicator of the world, not only the Divider can use powerful spells, but can summon powerful foreign beasts.

  1. Leveling through Quests
    Prioritize doing the Main quests first as they give your character a great deal of EXP and Gold once you finished them. As soon as you cannot continue doing the Main quests due to your personality lacks level requirement, perform the Negative quests, followed closely by the everyday quests. I suggest avoiding the Gather quests because you will be killed by higher level players. You are able to tap on the pursuit you would like to finish at the side of this screen beside the pursuit tab and the game will automatically do the pursuit for you without you doing anything. New features will be unlocked as you level your character.
  2. Complete all of the Everyday Events and Dungeons
    Make Sure to finish all the everyday Events and Dungeons every day (Main Menu->Event) (Main Menu->Dungeon). Other than EXP, you’ll also obtain different items that are useful to increase your character’s BP. A few of the events/dungeons will give you activeness points (For the everyday quests) once you finish it. Here are some of the everyday Events/dungeons which I would recommend doing daily:

EXP Dungeon (Solo) – This is among the greatest methods to gain a lot of EXP. Can be performed 2 times per day.

Land of Trial – Another method of Getting tons of EXP. I highly advise using EXP cards (200 percent — 300% EXP increase ) from your backpack before doing the Land of Demo.
Greed’s Cavern (Solo) — This is one of the greatest methods to gain plenty of Gold. Can be done once every day.
Demons Tower – You may challenge the tower where you could fight enemies for every single floor. The higher the floor, the more powerful the enemies are better the benefits.
Treasure Map – Can only be done if you have ‘Treasure Map’ things from the backpack.
Dungeon and Party Dungeon – Completing a dungeon unlocks the raid feature where you are able to utilize tape coupons to instantly finish the Dungeon.
For your everyday quests, I propose getting 150 activeness points every day for the maximum activeness chest rewards.

  1. Complete the Time-limited Occasions
    There Will also be ‘Time-limited Occasions’ you can do to help additional rewards, Gold and EXP. Check the Remaining Time for every Time-limited Event so that you don’t miss out on any of them. Here are a few of those ‘Time-limited Events’ I would advise doing:

Ironblood Path (PK) – This manner is really a 5v5 multiplayer in which the team that does the most damage to the Gargoyle boss will be the winner.
World Boss – Each day, world supervisors will spawn frequently in every area where you can kill them for loot (Mainly drops equipment ). This is where you can harm the boss for rewards. Ranking will be based on how much your character has coped damage to the boss. The higher the ranking, the better the rewards.
Blood Castle (Multiplayer) -You can team up with other players (increased fall rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and gems. Requires Transparent Cloak.
Devil Square (Multiplayer) – You can team up with other players (increased fall rate + EXP) to defeat creatures for EXP and gear.
Don’t worry if You miss out some of these Events on that day. You’ll be able to collect the benefits for the Events that you have missed the following moment. To collect them, tap ‘Bonus’ from the primary menu then visit ‘Retrieve’. You will need Pink Diamonds in order to collect them.

  1. Check your backpack
    You May get chests or items for your character which you may not even detect so check your character’s backpack to view all of the items that you have obtained (Main Menu->Backpack). In case you have equipment which has a higher BP than your existing equipment, constantly replace them to give a free overall BP increase to your character. If you have chests, right away open these because they contain special items that can help you further in the game. Most items can only be utilized from the Backpack so only tap the thing that you need to tap and use’Use’. Do not sell your unwanted gear as you’ll be using them as substances for your Horcrux feature later on.
  2. Update all your character Abilities Once you have obtained access to your character skills, make sure to upgrade all them to increase your BP and skill level (Main Menu->Tap the personality icon->Ability ). There’ll be a total of 9 abilities which you may update (8 actives + 1 passive) which requires Gold. Take note that each subsequent upgrade raises the Gold required to upgrade. When a skill level reaches level 160, it is possible to trigger its ability Ultimacy to acquire an extra effect of the ability. But you will need an additional item depending on which ability Ultimacy you pick.
  3. Enhance all your gear
    If You’ve got Stone and emperor’s tome, you may use those to boost all your equipment to give extra attributes (Main Menu->Tap the personality icon->Enhance). Each improved degree will call for certain kinds of Stone in order to enhance.

You can also move your Enhance Degree from your lower rank gear to a higher position gear (Requires Diamonds). In case you have Gems of Health, then you can use it to append your equipment (Upon reaching grade 160). The maximum level of a gear appending level depends on the rarity of the gear (For purple equipment is level 60 and orange equipment is flat 80). Appending level can be transferred to a new gear .

  1. Crafting
    The Crafting attribute (Main Menu->Harness the character ->Craft) is where you can just craft specific items and equipment. Harness the thing to know where to obtain them.

Fruit Synthesis — You can craft veggies that could be utilized to upgrade your personality (Requires 150000 Gold, Gem of Maya and Gem of all Creation.
Gear Upgrade — This is where you can update the rank of your gear (Requires Gold and Pink Diamonds).
Gem Crafting — This is where you can update your jewels to increase its stat effect. They are sometimes used to Inset Stone o your gear (Enhance->Inset). Wings
If You have Rock’s feather items, you may use them to update your character’s wings to maximize its BP (Main Menu->Harness the character icon->Wings). Each rank has 10 degrees. Upon reaching level 10, you may need Hawk’s Spark so as to move on to another rank. Rock’s feather things can be gotten from the Dungeon and the Demons Tower.

  1. Glyphs
    The To acquire Glyphs, you can get them by purchasing them in the Market or by doing the Lost Tower. Every Glyph contains its own type of stat and place bonus if multiple Glyphs of the exact same kind is connected (Tap on any of the Glyphs to check the stats). They may also be improved to increase its stats farther by using unwanted Glyphs as improvement materials. Glyphs may be redeemed for materials (Only for blue rarity and over ).
  2. Spirit
    You Will automatically have a soul for one to equip once you unlocked the Spirit feature. You can also either update your spirits utilizing Crystals or’Star Up’ them using Spirit Stones. There are a number of methods to obtain those + more spirits, by opening the soul treasure (Main Menu->Treasure->Spirit Treasure) or performing the Spirit Ruins (Unlocks at par 220).

Check Out your personality from the main menu (Main Menu->Harness the character icon->Character) where there are certain features you can utilize to maximize your character’s BP. These can be used to grow the stats for your personality. You can reset your stats by tapping ‘Reset’ (Below degree 200).

Fruit (From stats) — You can use fruits to obtain stats to your character. All stats will be increased every time the Horcrux levels up.
Evolve: When your character reaches a particular level, it is possible to evolve your personality to maximize their stats greatly. You will also want Emperor’s Tome (Dropped from murdering creatures ) and Gold in order to evolve.
Sigil: You may need Fame to upgrade your Sigil. Fame can be obtained in the Arena, Ironblood Trail and Red Fortress.
Name — This is where you can unlock and equip names by finishing their requirements.

  1. Combine an Alliance
    If You haven’t done so, I’d suggest linking an Alliance as soon as possible (Main Menu->Harness the character ->Alliance). You will be to access a number of the Alliance attributes such as:

Red Packet — You are able to send red packets includes Gold and Pink Diamonds for your Alliance members (Requires Diamonds).
Foundation Dividend and Bundle — Harness on them to collect free rewards once they are prepared. Make sure to tap on the luminous chests free of charge rewards.
Skill — You can use your Alliance Contributions to upgrade different passive skills.
Alliance Shop — You can exchange your Alliance Contributions for various products.
Successfully Linking an Alliance may also acquire access to Alliance Occasions and quests (Main Menu->Events) so make certain that you do all of them for things, Gold and EXP. There’s an’Instill’ feature where you and your preferred Alliance manhood play an Instill ritual. To do so, go to’Management’ in the Alliance profile, choose an Alliance member and tap’Instill’. I strongly suggest doing so as you and your Alliance member will gain tons of EXP out of it.

  1. Daily Logins and Other Characteristics
    Even In the event you do not play this game frequently, I’d suggest to at least log in every day to collect the Login and Sign-In rewards (Main Menu->Bonus->Login/Sign-In). Additionally, assess the Bonus feature, the Server Event along with the Carnival where you can complete them for more rewards. To get the Alchemy attribute, go to your back pack and tap on the’+’ icon in the top right of this display. This is where you can accumulate free Gold, Fame and Alliance donation every day.
  2. Check out the Shop
    Make Sure to have a look at the shop from the main menu where you can purchase items using different currencies. As you keep playing, you will realize that you will always run out of mana potions. You may buy them from the Gold Shop.
  3. Purchasing Diamonds
    After playing with this Game for a while, you will realize that some of the quests are impossible to complete and the things in the Market can only be purchased by Diamonds (Not the Pink Diamonds). If you’re likely to devote a good deal of time in this game and wants to boost your character BP much faster than the rest, it’s ideal to recharge Diamonds employing real money (sucks to become F2P). The game does benefit you a lot should you recharge Diamonds for your very first time though.