Best upcoming mmos of 2019

1. Crowfall is an upcoming MMORPG game developed by ArtCraft, and is described as a “Throne War Simulator” similar to Game Of the thrones?  Kickstarter campaign ended March 26, 2015 with a total funding of $1,7 millions, surpassing its original $800,000 goal by $900k+.

As of June 20, 2016 the total funding has reached $7,210,680 which includes an amount of $2,726,322 from pledges collected from both the kick campaign and donations have taken on the Crowfall website. Currently game is in funding stage but alpha is out and developers raised already 21+ million on total funding!
The game will play similarly to many MMORPGs, with the camera at a third person view with the player permitted to move anywhere. Where it differs is in the game’s entire system, there’ll be five strategies of worlds, also known as campaigns. Each world will also be procedural generated, and will undergo a cycle of life and death, beginning with spring into summer, autumn, and ending with winter. In the conclusion of winter the campaign finishes, and the entire world is gone forever, although the players will stay, allowed to travel to other worlds. Campaigns may endure for 1, 3, or 6 months, to a year. The only worlds which don’t die are the Eternal Kingdoms, where player housing is.
Explore, Build and Conquer your way into legend! Your actions have lasting consequences that will impact Crowfall history for years to come.
EXPLORE: Every world in the Crowfall universe is unique, with a map to be explored and relics to be discovered. Even the game rules change from one world to another.
BUILD: Harvest resources and establish trade routes between worlds. Master the art of blacksmith, alchemy, rune crafting and more. Build a city, design a castle or literally move mountains to create your own Eternal Kingdom. Brave the dangers of the Campaign Worlds in search of glory, wealth and power. Build and fortify castles to protect your lands, or erect massive war machines and lay siege to your neighbors. Claim territory and conquer the world on behalf of your faction or guild – and collect artifacts, relics and resources as the spoils of war.

Crowfall Release Date: Quarter 2 of 2019. Game in now released in LIVE alpha testing environment!

2. Ashes of Creation

Choosing your class, race and gear is a great beginning, but while many MMORPG stop there, Ashes of Production is merely getting started. All of culture is the obligation of our players, and how that civilization evolves comes right down to what our gamer pick. If you want a town, or marketplaces or the comfort of your own house, it’s up to you to build it. If a city is encroaching on your land, it is your choice to destroy it. Allies and enemies, friends and foes, these are phrases determined by you, not by us there is no red and blue group for one to fall back on. Your grudges, your wars, your peace are real things, made by you, and the history of battle is the history of the players. There wont be two same experiences – every world flows with its own unique story and character, everything is build by player!

Game features

  • Player driven world | Ashes of Creation’s game system will offer players the unique experience of building the world up around them, but not everyone shares a common view. Everything in Ashes of Creation can be built up by one player and destroyed by second. Will you arm up to defend your home or vengeance on those who hurt your world!
  • Story | It depends on it, because the world doesn’t appreciate civilization. Something dark and terrible happened long ago to wipe it from the face of this planet, and now that civilization has returned, those dark things stir again.
  • Player Housing | Find your own slice of the world to call home! Players in Ashes of Creation will be able to build and own persistent buildings across the world, everything from the humblest farm to the sprawling mega mansion. Be wary though, the world can be a very dangerous place, and nothing is guaranteed to last forever. Some regions might have too much iron, others not enough, and thus trade routes will be brokered and fought over. The transport of goods is an essential facet of our game, and though dangerous and fraught with risk, the health of the Node depends on it.
  • Ashes of Creation classes | Players will be able to choose from one of 8 races (four species, each with two sub-types). In keeping with our theme of Consequence, and unlike other games, race won’t just be a matter of look, with relatively inconsequential abilities tacked on. Instead they integrate deeply into our class system, augmenting and changing the basic chassis provided by our eight core archetypes. Our goal here is to create a system where an elven fighter feels different, but serves the same role as a dwarven fighter.


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